Not always in the modern enterprise is convenient and advantageous include service equipment. Often a function of the service performed by one electrician-mechanic. But one person can not cope with all faults, and you have to seek third-party experts who quickly and efficiently carry out repairs ....
Ltd. YugPromAvtomatika offers to conclude a contract for maintenance of electrical and electronic parts for industrial equipment. This means that at the conclusion of the contract, problems with the equipment in terms of automation longer be yours - are ours. After the initial inspection of your equipment, depending on complexity, quantity and age of equipment, we offer a reasonable monthly fee (much smaller than the content of their unit equipment).

You the advantage that the equipment worked without interruption. Advantageous for us that the amount of damage was minimal - this is achieved through prevention and the need of upgrades. Therefore we are pursuing the same goal - trouble-free operation!
In maintenance includes:
- Commitment to exit a specialist company to address the failure to call in a short time (usually two to three hours, negotiated individually for each enterprise). Work continues to fix the problem, including the clock and on weekends.
- Periodic preventive maintenance, usually monthly: inspection, cleaning, filling technical supplies, replacement of wearing and recommended by the manufacturer to the periodic replacement of items, check the emergency lock, testing - only a part of the list.



An example of the consequences of the lack of preventive maintenance:
Periodic vibration of a single node in one large-scale production led to the displacement of loosely installed terminal compartment cover the sensor level. Once inside the unit led to the conductivity of dust on the case of signal contacts. As a result, all analog signals coming to the same analog input module that is connected and described by the sensor, "sunk". While looks for reasons, was forced to stop site shop because of the inability to control the process parameters. Next on the "domino effect" throughout the day stopped the other production sites. Losses from downtime amounted to several millions of rubles!

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