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Modernization of the extrusion - blow unit Yelkenciler-80. Instead of the failed control system was installed controller Delta DVP-20SX2 and operator panel Delta DOP, added a variety of technological and safety features.



Upgrading of control’s system UV dryer EMA SC 600.

Instead of broken control system was installed controller Delta DVP-10SX and operator’s panel Delta TP02, added additional step of power adjustment UV-lamp, regulation of speed of continuous belt, according from current of lamp.

Performance of works for full automation of forming line from polymeric material. The system of automation, consists from PLC DELTA DVP-28SV, operator’s panel Delta TP04G, frequency converter Delta VFD-C, temperature controller Delta DTA and other is made and introduced

Upgrading of control system of machines processing edge metal-plastic windows YILMAZ.

Instead of broken PLC FESTO BECK FC20 was installed controller DELTA DVP 11 In 8 out and realized program control. Deadline 1 day.

Development and introduction system of automatic proportioning dry component of paint.

Composition system PLC DELTA DVP-32EH, operator’s panel DOP-AS57.

Weighing modules Seneca Z-SG – 3 things.

Modifying of coating machine UST-102 "Ustar series" production China - "TYMI mashineri" .

It was added functions of control double sheet, blocking safety, synchronization of machine’s speed with the speed of print cylinder. It’s also was used russification of operator’s panel.

PLC Mitsubishi FX-3U-128, operator’s panel PanelVisa PV080 and PV057


It’s developed and introduced system of automation annular furnace of brick’s burning.

PLC- Siemens Simatic CPU 314 - 16 pcs, Siemens Simatic CPU 317- 1 pcs, operator’s panel Siemens Simatic TP177B - 2 pcs, personal computer with Scada-system, is made on base Builder C++

Upgrading of woodworking press "ORMA PRESSA LS” – replacement broken PLC Fanuc VersaMax Micro PLC - IC200UDR005 for PLC Delta DVP14SS

It’s developed and introduced software of hot pressing machine "Menno"

Structure of system PLC Siemens Simatic S7-314, operator’s panel Simatic TP270, 3 servomotor Siemens Simovert MC, apportioned circumference


Upgrading of welding line metal gauze on the base of PLC Delta DVP-28SV, operator’s panel Delta DOP57 and servomotor OMRON SGDH-10DE-OY.

Completed development and implementation of automation production line firelighters briquettes.
The system - PLC-controller Delta DVP-10SX, Operator Panel Delta DOP57

Upgrading spot welding line “Aliks 1003” on the base of industrial controller Siemens Simatic S7-314 (128 points IO), 2 servomotors Siemens Simodrive 611, operator’s panel Siemens Simatic OP-7.

Модернизация линии точечной сварки металлической сетки "АЛИКС 0803" на основе промышленного контроллера Delta DVP32EH00M (112 точек IO) и панели оператора Delta DOP-AE57BSTD.

Upgrading of machine for molding of edges printing productions “Krause” on the base of industrial controller OMRON CPM1A (40 points IO).

Модернизация привода главного движения бетоновспенивающей установки на основе промышленного контроллера DELTA DVP14SS (14 IO digital, 6 IO analog), панели оператора DELTA TP04G и частотного преобразователя Siemens Micromaster 440 мощностью 45 кВт
Появилась возможность задавать программу управления технологическим процессом, обеспечивая стабильное качество вспенивания пенобетона.

Upgrading of main motion drive of machine is foamed concrete on the base of industrial controller DELTA DVP14SS (14 IO digital, 6 IO analog), operator’s panel DELTA TP04G and Siemens Micromaster 440 power 45 kW.

Modernization of the automation of virtually any cutters. Instead of your obsolete or broken-down machine control systems, we establish a set of automation based on PLC-PLC Delta DVP and the touch panel operator DELTA DOP (E-Line).
The control is performed from the touch panel in manual cutting (positioning the entered size) and automatic cutting of the program (in memory of 49 programs in 99 steps / cuts)

The modernization of the following machines ADAST MAXIMA MS 80, ADAST MAXIMA MS 92, ADAST MAXIMA MS 115, Seypa 132, Seypa 168, Wohlenberg SPM, Wohlenberg MCS-2, Ideal-95LT, BR 139, CHANGCHUN.
It is also possible partial modernization of the electric cutting machine. (ie, installation of systems only control the size)
Brief instruction on the automatic cutting machine. (pdf, 454 kb)

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modernization drive of the main motion presses ADAST DOMINANT 515, ADAST DOMINANT 516, ADAST DOMINANT 525, ADAST DOMINANT 715, ADAST DOMINANT 724, ADAST DOMINANT 725, 5POL-54, etc. In these machines use variable speed mechanical and electro-mechanical means, which are unreliable , noisy and energy consuming. Installation of a drive and the modernization drive circuit is achieved by excellent handling, low noise levels and energy savings. Also, it should be noted, in the event of failure of the old control system, installation of this system is still cheaper than buying new, but the outdated system of control


Modernization of production line of metal ERISTE-KATE. Replace the outdated and failed one PLC-controller Siemens S5-115 CPU 941 has been installed PLC-controller OMRON CPM2A (60 I / O) with the operator panel OMRON NT21